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Introducing I’m Landon Jensen. I’m twenty-seven years recent operating as an instructor.

London Jensen Profile

The weblog I started principally as a result of there have continually been thus queries requesting smart tips to use completely different technologies so I assumed I might share the maximum amount as potential in order that everybody may relish it and be galvanized for his or her teaching, even as I’m excited by reading blogs from the tutorial world.

I have continually enjoyed attempting new things and being a fair dweeb. Thus it’s continuously been an honest plan to undertake out new technologies in my teaching, whereas at a similar present attentive to, however, we predict of learning and education.

We want to focus a lot on the creative and innovative in our learning. It’s become a touch of a mission on behalf of me to point out that it’s not associate degree opposition to classical expertise, however, that it will enhance the knowledge, particularly within the field of education.

Also, I’m concerning|inquisitive about|fascinated by} writing about the interior style. I feel that a cushty area will boost your mood after you are learning one thing. So, besides talking concerning education and technologies, you’ll be able to visit ME concerning interior style conjointly. I want to browse your touch upon the articles I have written.